Flex Plans Explained

Flex Plans are the easiest and most affordable way to manage your tennis training  In addition to offering the best price per hour of training, Flex Plans allow players to make a real commitment to their training.  By staying on a consistent and regular schedule, you will ensure that your game will develop more rapidly.  The Flex Plans are monthly plans where you attend 2 (FP2) or 3 (FP3) days per week.  The best part of these plans is that the 2 or 3 days can be different each week.  We understand homework and project demands, so these plans allow you to get things done when they need to be done, and still get in your training on a regular basis. Payment for the Flex plan is required on the 28th day of the month prior to attending.

How do we keep track?

Each month doesn’t start with the same day of the week, so we have to clarify just what exactly one week is:

Week #1     1st-7th of month

Week #2     8th-14th of month

Week #3     15th-21st of month

Week #4    22nd-28th of month

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