Adam Saucedo

Saucedo Sport Psychology Consulting and Eagle Fustar are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership in which Sport Psychology Consulting will become the exclusive mental toughness partner for Eagle Fustar. Serving the greater Bay Area, Saucedo Sport Psychology Consulting works with athletes to enhance mental toughness in their sports.

Saucedo Sport Psychology Consulting is a private practice run by Adam Saucedo, M.A. He currently provides consulting services with all types of athletes, at various levels of competition. In particular, he works with five of the athletic programs at Santa Clara University, including the Men’s and Women’s tennis programs. His work includes both team and individual athlete consulting.

Adam Saucedo is excited to become partners with Eagle Fustar. He believes that mental toughness training is the key to a consistently high-level of performance.  He agrees that mental training is an important component in an athlete’s training. His work is best described in his motto, which reads, “Aligning mental and physical training!”

Saucedo Sport Psychology Consulting will be used by the Eagle Fustar Full Time Program every week.  Adam is also available for one-on-one sessions in order to work on individual training needs in a private setting.

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