Healthy Support Structure Away From Home

Eagle Fustar Tennis understands the pressures of young players moving away from home to pursue their dream of playing professional or collegiate tennis. Often times young players are sent away from home at a very young age. Instead of simply throwing a young player into a dorm without any support group like many other academies do, we will place each player in a home away from home with a host family. By placing each player with a perfectly selected family specifically for that player, we aim to provide critical support for players which is needed to succeed in terms of development as a tennis player and as a person.

We work hard to place each player in a living situation where they will feel comfortable and secure. We know what it is like making the move to live and train away from your family, which is why we want to make this important decision as easy as possible for you by providing a host family selected just for you. This host family will provide you with your own room, necessary transportation, breakfast and dinner on a daily basis. Some host families are families with children that have been training at Eagle Fustar and some are carefully selected through a rigorous screening process provided by our partner in boarding, ISP Homestays.

Your host family will treat you as a new member of the family. Therefore, you will be able to participate in all the family activities your host family does on your days off. In Northern California, you will be able to enjoy area attractions including San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Santa Cruz, Carmel and Monterey, and many more.

Boarding is available for a long term (1 – 12 months) or short term (1 – 3 weeks) stay.

Living away from home can be one of the most meaningful experiences in your life. We strive to make it a truly positive and healthy stay by providing the much needed support structure away from home.  We look forward to working with you and welcome you in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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