FTP Ranking

Full Time Program Ranking based on RPI

This ranking reflects our Full Time players results in practice matches at Full Time. The ranking is based on RPI. A players RPI is determined by Winning Percentage, Strength of Schedule, and Opponents Strength of Schedule.

Having a Full Time Program Ranking makes sure that our players take every practice match seriously and treat it the same as a tournament match. It also gives very useful information to our coaches. Not only do our coaches see how our players do in practice matches (Winning percentage), but they also see if they get enough quality matches or if their matches are too tough (Strength of Schedule).

(Last updated on May 13, 2013)




61.426 1 (4) Ayla Aksu
55.502 2 (2) Vanessa Nommensen
53.830 3 (9) Michaela Gordon
53.195 4 (1) Emma Critser
49.186 5 (3) Daniel DeLeon
47.593 6 (n/a) Samantha Critser
45.492 7 (7) Deepa Dhore
45.105 8 (8) Alexa Corcoleotes
44.170 9 (6) Alaina Miller
40.499 10 (5) Bernie DeLaCabada
35.583 11 (10) Adam Linette

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