Tournament Schedule

After each player is carefully assessed, the individual player development plan (including the tournament schedule) is put into place by the lead coach.

The schedule is based on approximately 12-16 USTA tournament weeks per year, and 10-15 ITF Juniors/Pro events per year, or a combination thereof.  The specific number of tournaments may increase or decrease, and is based on the individual player, player goals, and coach recommendations. While a tournament schedule is put in place at the beginning of the program, plans may change based on player progress.  Determination of how a tournament fits into both the physical and mental development of a player is always considered.

Tournament trips are done as a group event whenever possible.  In addition to being a fun and supportive environment, it also minimizes travel expenses.

Our experienced travel coaches are present at every tournament that our Full Timer’s play.  The coaching fee is included in the tuition.  Player and coach travel expenses are additional.

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