Fall 2020 Bundle Plans

We understand all the changes and challenges to your family's new schedule this fall and want to make tennis planning easy for you. For Fall 2020, we will offer Bundles - a simple plan option that provides the most flexibility for the entire fall season. The Bundle Plans will be valid from now until December 31st, and replace our Flex Plan offerings while we all work through the Covid situation. We will return to our usual monthly Flex Plans when it makes sense to do so. Bundle clinics may now be used at any of our locations, including the Sunnyvale Tennis Center for High Performance clinics. These Bundles are valid through December 31st:

HP Bundles (HPB)

Core Bundles (CB)

For more information or to sign up, send an email to Katy

Visa or Mastercard payments are accepted by calling Katy at 408-242-5559. Payments are processed by Authorize.net, a highly secure processing system through Wells Fargo. This is a convenient way to handle monthly payments, lessons, anything at Eagle Fustar.  For players on continuous plans, we also offer auto-charge on the 28th of the month. An auto-charge reminder is sent out a few days before the 28th, in the event you need to change anything regarding your upcoming payment prior to processing.

Participation Waiver
The waiver form must be completed prior to first attendance


What are Bundles?
Bundles are a lower priced, bulk set of clinics used for a longer period of time than the monthly Flex Plan. They are simply volume plans designed to last longer with lots of flexibility, and lower per clinic rates as the plan size increases.
May Bundles be shared between siblings?

Bundles may only be shared if siblings are both in same level program, i.e., both are in HP or both are in Core. Siblings in different level programs each need their own Bundle specific to their program.

What about my 10 Pack?

Current 10 packs are now valid until December 31st. If you would like to place the 10 pack on hold for use next year and move to lower priced clinics in a Bundle, you may do that by emailing Katy.

Can I still do drop-in clinics?

Yes, drop-in is still an option. Certain HP clinics have attendance restrictions based on level, so if unsure if you may attend that clinic, please ask Katy prior to attending.

We believe these Bundles will make tennis planning easier for you over the next few months. Of course, if there are Covid or weather related issues that affect your ability to attend clinics, or our ability to offer them, we will make sure that we work with you on adjustments to payments and/or clinics.