2019 Clinic Schedule

We offer tennis clinics 364 days a year. Every player is different and based on the age and level of the player, the coaching staff will carefully choose a program best suited for the player. To sign up for our clinics, email Katy by clicking here


Please double check schedule grid prior to coming out. And please refresh your browser.


We have recently been told by De Anza College that they will use the tennis courts on Mondays (starting Sept 23rd and going thru early December) for their own recreational tennis class. Thus, we need to adjust. Mondays 4pm DA CPC will be canceled for Sept 23rd and 30th (and thru early early December). However, we are happy that Mondays DA Combo Clinic will continue. Starting Sept 23rd, they will simply run from 5:45-8:15pm. Thank You.


Eagle Fustar’s Full Time Program will now train at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center!


EF Players may use their EF ELITE Flex Plan for clinics at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center starting in August (see schedule). It is simply another location for Elite clinics.


Saturday, September 14th, 11am Mission HP clinic canceled.
Starting in September, High Performance will also be offered at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center (STC). HP clinics at the STC require their own EF/Sunnyvale Flex Plan (SFP) or drop in clinic fee that must be purchased online through the STC website. The STC HP clinics will be purchased and counted separately from the regular EF Flex Plans.



We’re excited to offer Pre-Core classes at Eagle Fustar! Click here for more info.

September 2019 Schedule

Orange = Core Performance Clinic (CPC)
Maroon = CPC Advanced – INVITE ONLY
Blue = High Performance Clinic (HPC)
Black = Elite / HP Combo Clinic (EPC/HPC) – INVITE ONLY
Green = Elite Performance Clinic (EPC) – INVITE ONLY
Purple = UTR 8+  For players with UTR of 8 or higher
WV = West Valley College
SCU = Santa Clara University
Mission C. = Mission College
STC = Sunnyvale Tennis Center
DA = De Anza College
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2019 Schedule

To sign up for our clinics, send an email to Katy by clicking on the button below

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