Programs & Training Pathway

It is important to understand the structure of Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy programs as a whole. Every player is different and based on the age and level of the player, the coaching staff will carefully choose a program best suited for the player. Please note that all of our programs overlap and it is quite common to be placed in two of our programs. Our goals are to build the skill sets of our players and this ensures the quickest progress and development.

Pre-Core Performance (PCP) 0 – 1.5 UTR

Pre-Core Performance (PCP) is for beginners ages 4-11, comprised of multiple beginning programs including Mini-Tennis, Ralley Ball 1 & Ralley Ball 2, which all focus on building hand-eye skills and basic tennis techniques through fun instruction utilizing the USTA 10 and Under Pathway. Program may use shorter courts and age appropriate racquets and balls to increase confidence and problem solving skills.
Pre-Core Plus (PCP+) is for players who advance from Ralley Ball 2 or have had similar prior instruction, providing a bridge between Pre-Core and Core programs. Clinics are 2 hrs long; players must be able to handle this longer workload. Pre-Core Teen (PCT) is for beginners or early intermediate level teen players, ages 12-15, focusing on fundamentals in a fun and comfortable environment. PCP+ and PCT focus on grips, proper technique, and footwork patterns with basic and intermediate point play strategies. We recommend players in these programs utilize private lessons to fine tune and accelerate development.
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Depending on the Program and player record, an evaluation may be required prior to participation in these programs:

Core Performance Clinics (CPC) and Pre-HP 1.5 – 3.0 UTR

Core Performance Clinics (CPC) are tailored for tennis players with UTR ratings ranging from 1.5 to 3.0. This program is designed to cater to players who are dedicated to improving their game and competing at a higher level. Participants in the CPC program can expect a structured and supportive training environment that focuses on skill enhancement and competitive play. Our coaches will guide players through a variety of drills and exercises, including stroke-production drills, footwork drills, and point play (tactical). The program aims to strengthen the fundamental aspects of the game and instill a solid foundation for continued progress into our HP level.
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Pre-HP (PHP) 3.0- 4.5 UTR

Pre-HP clinics (PHP) focus on 9 to 14 year old players with a UTR of 3.0-4.5. Pre HP clinics will build various tennis skills and game fundamentals in a high energy environment with the goal of making the push into our HP clinics. Players will be exposed to college level drills, point play, and stroke-production drills with additional physical activities to address court movement, agility, core strength. Players can expect a lot of touches on the ball and a mix of live ball and feeding drills. Developing mental skills is an integral part of Pre-HP.
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High Performance Clinics (HPC) 4.5+ UTR

High Performance Clinics (HPC) are open to juniors ages 10-18 who have a 4.5+ UTR and/or are solidly competing at the USTA 12 Open and up level. HP clinics are critical to a player’s development, advancing the skills and game fundamentals brought into this level by strengthening the tactical and strategic aspects of their on-court presence. During these advanced clinics, players will receive specific technical instruction and be exposed to point play and stroke-production drills with additional physical activities to complement court movement. Developing mental toughness is an integral part of HPC. Depending on player record, an evaluation may be required prior to participation.
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Combo Program (6.5 – 8.5 UTR)

The Combo Program is specifically designed for tennis players with UTR ratings ranging from 6.5 to 8.5. This program caters to individuals who have achieved a high level of proficiency in the sport and are seeking advanced training to further enhance their skills. Participants in the Combo Program can expect a challenging and dynamic training experience that mimics the intensity of college-level practices. Training sessions within the Combo Program incorporate a diverse range of drills, including live ball drills, situational point play, and regular point play scenarios. The program places an emphasis on blending consistency, volleys/transition, and serve/return/+1/+1 drills. Expect the workouts to blend in physical conditioning.
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Elite Performance Clinics (EPC) 8.5+ UTR

Elite Performance Clinics (EPC) are invite only clinics covering specialized training to a select group of players. The criteria for EPC are commitment to both tennis and the program, ranking, and coach’s discretion. Direct entry granted to girls with 7.5 UTR and boys with 9.25 UTR and above. Players identified as candidates for these clinics will be notified of their option to participate in them. Players in EPC are typically college and/or pro tour bound players.
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Full-Time Program

The Eagle Fustar Full Time Program trains at the beautiful Sunnyvale Tennis Center. This is a comprehensive and highly personalized training for players committed to pursuing collegiate and/or professional tennis careers. The Full Time Program delivers tailored player development in a rigorous, yet supportive group environment. The focus goes well beyond the court; full time players are surrounded by a Performance Team to manage the physical and mental demands of high-level training and competition. Registration for the Full Time Program may be on an annual, semester, weekly or daily session basis. For more information please refer to the Full Time Media Guide (coming fall 2019). Approval to participate and registration for these programs is handled through Eagle Fustar, please contact Katy at: or call 408-242-5559 for more information.