Ready to Optimize Your Performance?

At Eagle Fustar, we believe mental fitness training is crucial for the performance and well-being of all our competitive athletes. We are, therefore, partnering with 2Mynds to provide everyone with discounted access to their world-class mental fitness resources (inquire with your coaches). Use this link to learn why you should train your mind like you train and why 2Mynds is so unique.

The Flow 255® Platform

Get your reps in for your mental fitness with 2Mynds’ unique training platform.

The Flow 255® Pro Package

Full access to the Flow 255® resources: platform, courses, and personal coaching to kick it off.

Personal Coaching

Get extra guidance with goal setting, training programs, and performance evaluations.

Mental Fitness is Part of our Culture

At Eagle Fustar, we make mental fitness a core part of the development of our players. As a premier facility for 2Mynds, we can offer all our players a 10% discount on 2Mynds resources. Contact us for the discount code or ask one of our coaches. Our full-time group players can include full access to the pro package in their full-time bundle. This not only provides discounted access to the Flow 255® system but also lets full-time players take advantage of periodic video calls with 2Mynds coaches.

About 2MYNDS

2Mynds is a mental fitness start-up and social venture, on a mission to help people thrive at life under pressure. The core product is a unique platform, Flow 255®, that helps people train their mental fitness as if it is physical fitness: with actual workouts to work towards impact. If you want to perform under pressure, you must train under pressure. Body and mind.

About Dr. Leon Bax

Leon and Nick (Fustar) met in 2013 when Leon got back into tennis after moving to the US from Japan. He started practicing with full-time players to stay in shape and, not too long thereafter, he and his company became the core resource for mental fitness training for the academy.

Leon Bax is a medical scientist with doctoral degrees in clinical epidemiology and medical informatics and the founder of 2Mynds. While he originally specialized in the analytics of complex clinical research, he ultimately directed his efforts to improve the mental health of society. A lifelong athlete, Leon was a junior national champion in Judo, played D1 collegiate tennis, and still enjoys pushing the mental and physical boundaries of an active lifestyle.