Program Supplements

Private Lessons

Correct stroke techniques are tremendously important at a young age. Tennis camps at local tennis clubs simply do not provide proper instruction when it comes to developing strokes. When working on an individual basis, students will get the one on one attention that is extremely important with regard to stroke production. Students will receive expert advice on technical aspects of every stroke from formerly world ranked tennis professionals. Lessons are available to any age or level of player.

Fitness Lessons

With physical fitness becoming a must in every high performance tennis player’s repertoire, Eagle Fustar is proud to announce that Fitness Never Sleeps will be our exclusive fitness destination. With a state-of-the-art gym located in Santa Clara, Brian Nunez and the fitness experts at FNS utilize an incredible arsenal of fitness training techniques that will help you gain the competitive edge you need on the court.

Mental Toughness

Saucedo Sport Psychology Consulting and Eagle Fustar are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership in which Sport Psychology Consulting will become the exclusive mental toughness partner for Eagle Fustar. Serving the greater Bay Area, Saucedo Sport Psychology Consulting works with athletes to enhance mental toughness in their sports.

College Placement Service

Scholarship For Athletes (SFA), the premier consulting company for student-athletes and their families, is the official partner of Eagle Fustar Tennis for College Placement Service. SFA educates student-athletes and their families about the recruiting process, making sure that the athletes end up at the best school for them on and off the court.

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