Please note that applicable registration and refunds policies of the STC provided below and on their website may also apply.
We implemented Bundles to provide more flexibilty in dealing with any Covid or weather related issues until the end of the year. Of course, if there are Covid or weather related issues that affect your ability to attend clinics, or our ability to offer them, we will make sure that we work with you on adjustments to payments and/or clinics. Typically, rain does not have a huge impact in any given month, but we will address it if it does. In the last 15 years at Eagle Fustar, rain dominated an entire month only a couple times. In those rare cases, we took steps necessary to ensure plans/clinics were carried over or credit was issued where necessary. We don’t want you to lose clinics, we want you to play tennis!  We can’t forecast every weather pattern or pandemic that may occur ahead of time, but we always address situations that arise from them in a fair manner for all of our players.
It must be stated that we will not guarantee the personal schedules of any particular student. Our make-up policy guarantees that there will be enough clinics to fulfill your current plan. We do not guarantee that those clinics will be on particular days of a player’s choosing. If you tend to come on Tuesdays only and it rains on Tuesday(s) then the player is expected to make up his/her days on one of the other days offered. We do not guarantee that there will be enough rain-free Tuesdays (or any other particular day) for your plan. We recommend watching the 10-day forecasts and plan your tennis accordingly In short, the rain/weather/Covid policy can be summarized as the following: we will guarantee the number of clinics necessary to fulfill the value of a given plan. If we are unable to do this due to weather or for any other reason, we will then consider and arrange for credit or make ups.