Hello Eagle Fustar Families,
The information below is on our rain policy which can now also be applied to poor air quality days (thankfully, a very rare event) or other acts of nature. Cancellation due to air quality should be viewed the same as several days of rain in a month (also thankfully, not that common either). The following information is quite lengthy, but provides a thorough explanation of the Eagle Fustar rain policy. We hope you will familiarize yourself with this.




With all the micro-climates here, whether with rain or air issues, clinics may be running at one location but cancelled at another. It may be raining at your house but dry at De Anza – the weather at the clinic location should be followed. Eagle Fustar Twitter will keep you updated. 

First, if at all possible and conditions are safe for players, we absolutely hold clinics. With so many tournament players, we understand the importance of even a single day of training, and only cancel if absolutely necessary. We do not cancel on the forecast of rain, we only cancel when the courts are actually wet. Keep in mind it can be wet at West Valley or your house, but dry at De Anza or Suunyvale Tennis Center, or it can start raining at the courts while you are driving to clinic, which is annoying for us too! We are fortunate to live in an area where rain doesn’t affect us much, but appreciate your patience and understanding on days where weather comes into play.

To find out the status of a clinic in the South Bay – WVC, De Anza, Sunnyvale Tennis Center, Mission College and in the East Bay – Pleasanton Tennis Park in Pleasanton and Ohlone College in Fremont  – please follow Eagle Fustar Twitter

We attempt to update Twitter an hour before clinic, but sometimes nature does not cooperate. Coaches may be trying go get courts dry or sense changing weather, and are waiting to send more precise information. Coaches on site will update Eagle Fustar Twitter as soon as they have information to share, and certainly update no later than 30 minutes prior (if not much earlier, again, depends on changing weather). 


Sunnyvale Tennis Center weather notifications will also be made through Twitter, but their please read here for their specific make-up policy: https://eaglefustar.com/sunnyvale-rain-and-refund-policies/

Plans – Please note that once a plan is purchased it is the responsibility of the student to fulfill the plan in that month. Keep in mind that in the South Bay for example, the plans themselves are discounted from the drop-in rates of $65 (Core) $75 (HP) and $90 (Elite). Thus the actual value of a CFP4 is $260 (cost $235), the value of a CFP8 is $520 (cost $395), and the value of an HP FP9 is $675 (cost $495), etc., which is the number of clinics in the plan multiplied by the drop-in rate of a clinic for that program. It follows then that if enough clinics are offered to payoff the discounted value of the plan then the holders of that plan are not eligible for a make up in the next month. For example if a student purchases a CFP8 ($395) and 7 classes are offered that month, the value of those 7 clinics is $455, more than they discounted plan rate and therefore not eligible for a make up. Same for an HP FP9, the value of 7 clinics is $525, more than the $495 paid, so if 7 clinics are offered, there is no make up offered. It suffices to say that rarely is a holder of a CFP4 eligible for a make-up in the next month. If for some reason we are unable to offer enough classes for a student to fulfill their plan then they are eligible for make-up(s) in the next month. In the case of a rain interrupted clinic, it will only count towards the fulfillment of the plan if the clinic lasts an hour for a standard 2 hour Core clinic, and 90 minutes for a 2 1/2 hour HP or Elite clinic.
It must be stated that we will not guarantee the personal schedules of any particular student. If you purchase a CFP4, our make up policy guarantees that there will be 4 clinic days in the month. We do not guarantee that those clinics will be on particular days of a player’s choosing. If you tend to come on Saturdays only and it rains on Saturday(s) then the player is expected to make up his/her days on one of the other days offered. We do not guarantee that there will be 4 rain-free Saturdays (or any other particular day) in a month. We recommend watching the 10 day forecasts and plan your tennis accordingly.
In short, the rain policy can be summarized as the following: we will guarantee the number of clinics necessary to fulfill the discounted value of a given monthly plan, using the drop in rate to calculate. If we are unable to do this due to weather, we will then consider and arrange for make ups for the following month. Typically rain does not have a huge impact in any given month, but we will address it if it does. In the last 15 years at Eagle Fustar, rain dominated an entire month only a couple times. In those rare cases, we took steps necessary to ensure plans/clinics were carried over into the next month or credit was issued where necessary. We don’t want you to lose clinics, we want you to play tennis! We may also add clinics on dry days to enable players to get in their training and maintain our ratios, so keep an eye on the schedule page for changes and updates. We can’t forecast every weather pattern that may occur ahead of time, but we always address situations that arise from them in a fair manner for all of our players.
And remember, any same day changes to clinic status will always be made on Eagle Fustar Twitter. Assume clinics are on until you see a Twitter message that says differently.