Drop in payment is the most flexible payment option for High Performance, ELite Performance, and Core clinics. You may arrange for your drop in payment to automatically be charged when your player attends by getting put on our “auto drop” list. Contact Katy to be put on this list. If paying by check, for all locations except Sunnyvale, please make sure to give this to the coach at the beginning of each clinic if you are using the Drop in option. For the Sunnyvale Tennis Center location, drop in payment must be made at the Tennis Office at on day of attendance. Please do not give payments to coaches at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center, all payments there are handled through the Tennis Office.
Valid for 3 months, the 10 pack is simply a discounted payment in advance for 10 clinics and is the most flexible of all payment plans next to the drop-in. Some use a 10 pack during a busy time of the school year such as testing season, high school tennis, or as overage for the flex plans. EF keeps detailed logging records of all clinics attended. However, we require that each player tracks his own 10 pack and remains responsible for timely payments of new 10 packs.
The 10 pack must be used within 3 months of purchase.