Summer 2024 Overview

Summer Camps | Power Weeks | Summer Full Time | Daily Clinics & Bundles


When the goal is to compete in Nationals and ITFs, move from Challengers to Opens, strengthen your UTR, get your spot on the high school team, or go to the best college – one thing is common among top players. They use summer to explode their tennis to get to that next level. They intensify training over summer, pushing harder than the rest of the year, then utilize their gains over the next several months.


Each summer, we offer weekly training tailored to a player’s skill level and goals – for all ages and levels across the South Bay.
We also have daily clinics and big savings with Clinic Bundles from June – August at multiple locations!


In a snapshot, we offer:
CAMPS – All Levels / Ages 7-13 / West Valley College, Menlo College
PRE-HP POWER WEEKS – UTR 2.5 – 4.5 / Los Gatos High School, Menlo College
POWER WEEKS – HP & Combo Players /UTR 4.5+/ Mango Park, Sunnyvale
SUMMER FULL TIME TRAINING – Elite & Combo Players / Fremont High School


Join other Eagle Fustar players committed to work hard and be the best every day!