FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Eagle Fustar/Sunnyvale Tennis Center
1. What is the High Performance Sunnyvale Flex Plan (SFP)?
The SFP is an Flex Plan and operates like any Eagle Fustar Flex Plan with the exception that the location for use of the High Performance SFP is restricted to the Sunnyvale Tennis Center. Conversely, EF Flex Plans (F6, F9, F13, etc.,) for other South Bay locations cannot be used at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center.

A Flex Plan includes a certain number of clinics that are to be used within a calendar month and offers a discount over the drop-in rate. An FP4 is 4 High Performance clinics per month, an FP6 is 6 clinics per month and an FP8 is 8 clinics per month. To distinguish the Sunnyvale Tennis Center, they will be referred to as the SFP4, SFP6, SFP8. A player may attend their number of clinics on any day it is offered during the month.

2. What plans can be purchased for Sunnyvale Tennis Center?

Only plans for HP are purchased through the STC website.

HP Flex Plan and HP drop in clinics:

Drop-in $65 Single clinic

SFP4 $225 Four clinics per calendar month

SFP6 $315 Six clinics per calendar month

SFP8 $395 Eight clinics per calendar month

Elite Plans are purchased as usual through Eagle Fustar, not the STC.

3. Since I just register online, is it easier to get into HP at Sunnyvale?
NO. THE SAME CRITERIA APPLIES TO PLAY IN HP IN SUNNYVALE. To register for HP, a player should have a 4.5 UTR and/or consistently be playing at the USTA 12 Open and up level. If a player is not at the appropriate level, they will not be able to stay and train in the clinic. If your player is not in HP at our current locations, they should not register for HP in Sunnyvale. If in Core, you/they are told when they are able to move to HP. If any questions regarding their level, please speak to Moh or Brian.
4. How does a player get into the High Performance Clinics?

If your player meets the requirements via UTR (4.5+) and/or has a tournament ranking of 100 in Norcal (US Open 12 and up level), they may register for an HP Flex Plan on the Lifetime Activities-Sunnyvale website to participate in STC HP clinics.

5. How do I play the Elite clinics Sunnyvale Tennis Center?
EF Elite Players may use their ELITE Eagle Fustar Flex Plan, drop in fee or Elite Bundle (all purchased as usual through EF) for Elite clinics at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center. The STC does not offer Elite Plans. The Sunnyvale Tennis Center is simply another location for Elite clinics. Elite Clinics at STC are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:15 – 6:45.
6. Can I use my regular EF Flex Plan at Sunnyvale Tennis Center for HP clinics there?
No. HP Sunnyvale Flex Plans (SFP) and Drop in clinics at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center must be purchased through their website (link not up yet, will send as soon as it is). These plans can only be used at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center. Conversely, Eagle Fustar Flex plans purchased through us as usual, cannot be used at the STC.
7. Why not simply offer registration for a specific day?
Eagle Fustar players devote a large amount of time to their tennis. They also need to balance other demands – particularly their academics and family commitments. These plans give them the FLEXibility needed to excel in everything they do with a healthy balance.
8. May a player carry-over unused clinic(s) from their Flex Plan to the next month?
No, all Flex Plans must be completed within the month.
9. Do I need to let someone know what day my player will attend at STC?
No, that is the benefit of our Flex Plans, your player attends when it works for them. If they have a big test to study for, come another day. We are prepared and ready at every clinic. Attend at your convenience.
10. What is a typical clinic structure?
All clinics start with activation and then warm up. After that, each clinic may mix up the order but always includes drilling, point play and conditioning.
11. How do I pay for an Eagle Fustar program at STC?
Online registration for Eagle Fustar’s High Performance Program held at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center is available through the Lifetime Activities – Sunnyvale location website. Please note, the High Performance clinics at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center are independent of HP Clinics at other Eagle Fustar locations. When registering for a Sunnyvale Flex Plan (SFP), you may only attend EF clinics at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center. Conversely, those registered for Flex Plans through Eagle Fustar may not attend clinics at STC unless they register for a separate plan through STC.
12. Do I have to attend the HP clinic on the same day every week to complete my Flex Plan?
No, the Flex Plans offer you the flexibility to come to whatever clinic day is offered during the month that works best for your schedule each week.
13. Can two players share a Sunnyvale Flex Plan?
No, Flex Plans at STC are individual.
14. I attend Eagle Fustar at another location with a Flex Plan. Can I now come to STC using that same Flex Plan?
No, to play at STC, you must have a Sunnyvale Flex Plan (SFP).
15. Who can attend the Eagle Fustar Elite and Full Time Program at Sunnyvale Tennis Center?
These Eagle Fustar Programs are open to any currently enrolled Eagle Fustar Elite or FT Player, they do not require separate sign up like the HP program does. Players that are interested in these programs and not yet enrolled should contact Eagle Fustar (katy@eaglefustar.com) for more information.
16. I don’t see the HP clinics at STC on the Main Schedule page, how come?
These clinics will not appear on our Main Schedule Page, the Sunnyvale clinic schedule are on the EF Sunnyvale Tab of our website.
17. Why are the Elite Clinics at Sunnyvale Tennis Center on the Schedule Page?
They are included on the schedule page because you may use your Eagle Fustar Flex plan to attend them, and any clinic on the Schedule Page. For Elite, the Sunnyvale Tennis Center is just a new location. That uses the usual Elite Flex plan purchased through Eagle Fustar.
18. Who is teaching/coaching the Eagle Fustar Elite and HP clinics at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center?
HP Clinics at STC will be taught by the same EAGLE FUSTAR COACHES! Brian, Nick, Alina Soltanici, Austin Andres, Jordan Angus, Ryan Hudelson and Everett Maltby are already on the schedule there. Eagle Fustar coaches will always be running and working the clinics at Sunnyvale Tennis Center.
19. When is HP offered at STC?
HP at STC will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays from 4:00 – 6:00pm.
20. When are Elite Clinics at STC?
Elite will run from 4:15 – 6:45pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
21. How does a player get into the Elite and Full Time Program at Sunnyvale Tennis Center?
The approval and registration for these programs is handled through Eagle Fustar, please contact Katy at: katy@eaglefustar.com or call 408-242-5559 for more information.
22. If my child gets sick or injured can I get a refund?
Because of the number of clinics available to players during a month is much greater than the number offered in the Flex Plans, it is unlikely that a player is unable to complete the plan they paid for due to illness. Of course, we understand there may be exceptions to this. Injuries are considered on a case by case basis and may require medical documentation. Typically, when applicable, the appropriate amount of credit is determined and carried forward to the next plan.
23. What if it rains a lot in one month and it’s difficult to complete the clinics I paid for?
Because of the number of clinics offered each month it is unlikely that a player will be unable to complete all of the clinics in their plan. However, there are months where weather is extreme, and our goal is to get you playing tennis! Therefore, we do review and sometimes adjust policy when it is an extremely wet month. It is incumbent on players to watch weather patterns during the rainy season and make a strong effort to attend when it is dry. Please see the Eagle Fustar Rain Policy for more details.