Virtual Training

Join us for daily Tennis, fitness, and mental skills training. Required: 100% effort, engagement, and positivity!

Consider donating to our coaches to maintain the quality/quantity of the sessions during the shelter in place.  Donations done via PayPal.

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Session Name Days Time Dates # of Sessions Fee Reg Link
FITNESS – ALL ATHLETES M, Tu, W, Th, F 3:45 – 4:45pm 5/1 – 5/29 25 $150 Register Here
“Be an Animal” – Mental Fitness M, W, F 8:30 – 9:15am 5/4 – 5/29 12 $150 Register Here
Wall Sessions (Or shadowing) Tu, Th, Sat 2:45 – 3:30pm 5/5 – 5/30 12 $99 Register Here

Tuition valid for entire family! Workout together!

Multiple Session Discount – 30% off of each additional session


Session Name Days Time Dates # of Sessions Fee Zoom Link
FITNESS – ALL ATHLETES Sa 11am – 12pm 5/2 – 5/30 4 FREE! Register
“Work Your Mind” – Mental Fitness Tu 8 – 8:45am 5/5 – 5/26 4 FREE! Register
“Work Your Mind” – Mental Fitness Tu 1 – 1:45pm 5/5 – 5/26 4 FREE! Register
“Meet your Mind” – Functional Meditation Tu 7 – 7:30am 5/5 – 5/26 4 FREE! Register
“Meet your Mind” – Functional Meditation Tu 12 – 12:30pm 5/5 – 5/26 4 FREE! Register

To Register

Click on the “Register” link for the session you would like to participate in.  Registration done via our Active system. The Zoom link and password will be provided when you register.  For our Free classes, click on the Zoom link directly from our schedule.

ZOOM Meeting ID & Password

Those will be available when you register.

Register once for a class on a particular day of the week

Registration and meeting code/password is valid for that same class all weeks it is offered.

Class Descriptions

Fitness – ALL ATHLETES 9 – 17yrs

One hour session focusing on core, agility, leg strengthening, endurance, total body fitness.

Needed: 5 yards of space

Nice to have: Mat, Jump rope, Towel, Resistance band, Racquet, Medicine ball (or Water jug).

If players don’t have any of these, that is fine – we can improvise!


Wall Practice (Or shadowing)

45 min. Players will execute physically challenging training session off of a wall.

Needed: Wall access, if no wall access, players can shadow!


Be An Animal – Mental Fitness

Combining Physical strain with Mental skills.  We will execute challenging physical and mental workouts, primarily focused on body weight and animal movements. Participants will work on active and passive breaks as well as breathing techniques and other mental skills.

Needed: 5 yards of space; 100% Effort and Engagement!


Meet Your Mind

Join this 30-minute functional meditation session where you take a bit of time to meet your mind! It consists of a 5 minute introduction, 15 minutes of meditation that focuses on a practical skill, 5 minutes of activating stretches, and finishing up with a short review and suggestions on where to find relevant learning and training in the 2Mynds platform so you can work independently. A great way to start your day!


Work Your Mind

Join this 45-minute mind-body training session, consisting of a 5-minute introduction to explain the theme and the workout components, a 5-minute warm-up, a 20-minute workout with mental and physical exercises alternating (theme varies each session), a 5-minute cool down and stretch, and ending with a short review and suggestions on how to train independently via the 2Mynds platform. A great way to work on your mental as well as physical health!