It is important to understand the structure of Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy programs as a whole. Every player is different and based on the age and level of the player, the coaching staff will carefully choose a program best suited for the player. Please note that all of our programs overlap and it is quite common to be placed in two of our programs. Our goals are to build the skill sets of our players and this ensures the quickest progress and development.

High Performance Clinics (HPC)

High Performance Clinics (HPC) are only available to juniors ages 10-18, who are solidly competing at the USTA 12 Open and up level. In some cases, an evaluation is required prior to joining this program. During clinics, or group workouts, students will be able to implement and execute techniques learned in private lessons. Students will also receive specific technical instruction and will be exposed to point play and various stroke-production drills. Extra physical activities such as sprints and plyometrics will be done at times to complement the tennis.

Core Performance Clinics (CPC)

Core Performance Clinics (CPC) focus on the 9 to 12 year old players who have some tennis experience, are serious about tennis, but have had little or no competitive experience. This could be players in a club environment looking to grow their game more aggressively, or USTA novice and challenger players looking to improve more quickly as well. We want to offer all players a more intense workout where they are pushed to excel in a positive environment. Core level players are strongly encouraged to do a Flex Plan to ensure continuity in development. Core Performance is a great supplement for some of our High Performance players.

Elite Performance Clinics (EPC)

Elite Performance Clinics (EPC) are invite only clinics offering specialized training to a select group of players. The criteria to be in the elite program are commitment to both tennis and the program, ranking, and coach’s discretion. Anyone of these factors may override the other.

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