Elite Performance Clinics (EPC)

Elite Performance Clinics (EPC) are invite only clinics covering specialized training to a select group of players. The criteria for EPC are commitment to both tennis and the program, ranking, and coach’s discretion. Direct entry granted to girls with 7.5 UTR and boys with 9.25 UTR and above. Players identified as candidates for these clinics will be notifed of their option to participate in them. Players in EPC are typically college and/or pro tour bound players.

All Elite Performance Clinics are 2.5 hrs. in duration unless otherwise noted on the schedule.

The following options and rates apply to players granted Elite Performance status:

Elite Performance Clinic (EPC) Rates

Single Rate and 10 Pack

Elite Drop-in Clinic
/one clinic
One Elite Performance clinic
Elite 10 Pack
/10 clinics
10 Elite or High Performance clinics

Flex Plans (Most popular!)

Elite Flex 6 (EF6)
6 Elite or High Performance clinics per month
Elite Flex 9 (EF9)
9 Elite or High Performance clinics per month
Elite Flex 13 (EF13)
13 Elite or High Performance clinics per month

The new shared plans below also offer lower per clinic rates providing a built in sibling discount over smaller individual plans.

High Performance and/or Elite siblings share 14 clinics
High Performance or Elite sibling with a Core Sibling share 14 clinics
High Performance and/or Elite siblings share 18 clinics

Visa or Mastercard payments are now accepted by calling Katy at 408-242-5559. This is a convenient way to handle monthly payments, lessons, anything at Eagle Fustar. Charge numbers are kept on file (secure in a book, not on a computer) so you can just call or email Katy with what to process. For players on continuous plans, we also offer auto-charge on the 28th of the month. An auto-charge reminder is sent out a few days before the 28th, in the event you need to change anything regarding your upcoming payment prior to processing.

Participation Waiver
The waiver form must be completed prior to first attendance

To sign up for our clinics, send an email to Katy by clicking on the button below

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