What ability level is needed for the Champs and High Performance level?

The High Performance players are solidly competing at the USTA 12 Open and higher level. 

The Champs players have some tennis experience and are serious about tennis but have either little or no competitive experience to some who are  starting to play at the USTA novice and challenger tournament level.

How much of each tennis clinic is devoted to conditioning?

Conditioning is a part of every clinic.  Some clinics will have the players doing conditioning between drills and sometimes the conditioning is done towards the end of the clinic.

Do the clinics offer any mental toughness training?

Coaches encourage players to keep a positive attitude and talk about mental toughness at different points during the clinic.

If my child gets sick or injured can I get a refund?

Because of the number of clinics available to players during a month it is not often they cannot complete the plan they paid for in the event of illness. Injuries are considered on a case by case basis and may require medical documentation. Typically, the appropriate amount of credit is determined and carried forward to the next plan.

What if it rains a lot in one month and it’s difficult to complete the clinics I paid for?

Because of the number of clinics offered each month it is unlikely a player will not be able to fit in all the ones on their plan. During particularly rainy months, we use an “open schedule,” meaning players are not restricted to the 2 or 3 times a week attendance but rather can come when they can anytime during the month to complete their clinic pack. We do review and sometime revise policy when it is an extremely wet month, but it is important to watch weather patterns during the rainy season and attend when it is dry.

What is a typical clinic structure?

All clinics start with activation and then warm up.  After that, different clinics may mix up the order but always include drilling, point play and conditioning.

Is there a discount for signing up for multiple private lessons with a coach?

If you purchase a 10 pack of lessons you will receive a $25.00 discount.  Most people get a 10 pack for the convenience and not necessarily for the savings.

How quickly will my child move up from Champs to the High Performance level?

Every child progresses differently.  When the coaches feel a player is ready for the next level they will notify the parents.

Can I pay for my clinics with a credit card?

Yes, most people prefer to pay with a credit card for the ease of it. Once we have your card on file you will receive a reminder on the 25th of every month that the same plan you are currently on will be charged on the 28th for the next month. Please reply to the reminder if there are any changes to your plan. If no changes, you do not need to reply.

Do I have to attend the same clinics at the same locations every week?

No, the Flex Plans offer you the flexibility to come to whatever clinic time, day and location that works best for your schedule each week.  You may only attend the level of clinic that you have been approved for.

Can two players share a Flex Plan?

Sharing the Flex Plan 2 is not allowed but sharing the Flex Plan 3 is allowed, with a sibling only.

How do I go about getting my child signed up for clinics?

If you are interested in attending our clinics, please visit our “Contact Us” page in order to answer some basic questions about your player to help us determine which clinic (Champs or HP) will be the best one for them.  Make sure to email us prior to attending your first clinic as there is also a mandatory waiver which will be sent to you and must be signed and returned prior to attending your first clinic.

How does a player get invited to the advanced clinics?

The advanced clinics are invitation only for the top players and factors in not only a strong ranking but also a commitment to the program and coach discretion.